Since 2007, Escape Rooms have revolutionized the world of entertainment. The concept: lock a team of players in a room and let them
1 hour to find a way out. Over the years, the concept has evolved while keeping the same spirit: having fun as a team, playing, manipulating objects and warming your neurons.
It is with this in mind that SionEscape created the Escapebox in 2021. An interactive box equipped with the latest technologies to offer you
an unforgettable moment with friends, family or colleagues.
One goal, one time limit, one team
The theme is in the era of time: after a pandemic the TN-532 spacecraft and its crew left for Mars to
get an antidote but a solar storm has disrupted their browser. Your objective if you accept it is to reactivate a top secret beacon that has been hidden in a public place
so as not to arouse suspicion.
New concept, new establishment
The box has been installed in the new Moxy hotel in Sedun. What to recover from your emotions around a cocktail.
Good luck !
Recommended number of players per team: 2 to 4
Activity time: ~ 1h30
Price: 150 frs / team

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